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  1. Sterling #130 (aka American V8 ~ Chapter 2)

    I guess you have a few options. Send the pump back and get the right one. You shouldn't have to pay anything since the company has it listed wrong. Get 3/4"-1" adapters so the adapters you have can be used. You didn't mention if you already have the 1" lines Get 3/4" adapters
  2. Twist on AC/Heater?

    These heat pump systems are being used now in EV's. Don't know any specifications of them but they are being used. I wonder if those engineers are monitoring this site.
  3. My first question for the site

    Those rear trailing arms look like aluminum 944 turbo arms and if they are I would imagine the rear brakes are from the same car. Have to agree with Rick, Only part of the Kafer setup is installed. Maybe later in the build it was installed.
  4. Sterling #S009

    Long story short I replaced the Ford gauges with Subaru gauges
  5. Sterling #S009

    Dash is from a 2012 Ford Fiesta Interesting??, the picture of the dash in my last post doesn't appear. Here's another picture of it All functions in the center control panel in the dash are used. I'm using the OEM Radio. HVAC control panel and unit are out of a 2003 Mercedes S class car. Rest...
  6. Sterling #S009

    Nothing new just a repeat for those that don't follow the other site Dash is in for the last time I hope and all wired up. next is building the new console and running all the wiring that goes to that. Then running the water lines to the radiator and then I should be able to start the engine.
  7. Sterling #S009

    Sorry, Nope Started working on the new center console Not as pretty as the last one but it clears everything
  8. Sterling #S009

    Body went back on to the chassis today. Still have a little wiring to do, build the new center console, design and build the air plenum box from the HVAC system to the air ducts, finish installing the lines for the brakes, and install the hydraulic line to the clutch slave cylinder, lay carpet...
  9. Sterling #S009

    I did think about putting the lines in the tunnel. two reasons for not putting the lines in the tunnel 1. To much stuff already existed inside the tunnel and installing an additional 5 lines then trying to get around it all wasn't worth the effort. I would have to cut the tunnel open to get...
  10. Sterling #S009

    Thanks But running the lines on the outside of the tunnel created another issue. The center console wont clear them. I was aware of this but decided to go ahead and put the lines on the out side anyways. I was thinking that maybe I could modify the existing console to fit but doing so would...
  11. Sterling #S009

    Got the lines for the HVAC system stubbed out I think this is the last of things to do before the body goes back on. AC lines Heater Lines Top view These are the tubing benders used Both made by CPS They worked real well. No kinking just nice smooth bends. I put some grease on the top...
  12. Head light covers & rear louvers

    Can't you make a template and take it to a local plastic supplier and have them cut you a set??
  13. Pog's Sterling (CCC293)

    I've come across the same issues with the exhaust on my dirt bike. The pipe doesn't align up with the silencer or vice versa. I've bought an exhaust system from 2 major companies and both have the same issue. I don't understand how a company can sell such an inferior product and charge a fortune...
  14. VW Type 1 Changes Through the years
  15. Zenny's Sterling (GP39)

    Your getting a lot more items for that $800 hence the reason for the higher price. Not sure but the difference between the 2 years could be that the e-brake lever was relocated, so the cables are a difference length. I believe the law requires you to have a e-brake. The none e-brake systems...