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Hi I just got an original Sebring I know that is different than the sterling but I have no info for it. The car was still being made when the owner died in a house fire so there is no paperwork with the car and no history. Trying to find manuals or anything I can so I can get this car built and out together. Any info would be great thank you.
Sergei, I have bought the Fort Vac Bernardi, do have any info on the car, any and ll would beappreciated, thanks.
Sector, installed a 18in. fan instead of the small 12 that Robert had in it, redid brake system completely, been driving and enjoying it. I have heard of two in Edmonton area. Thank you.
Those photos of blue Bernardi I found on the Canadian car forums website. There was also a really nice red Bernardi. I did some extensive research when I was considering purchasing Robert's s Bernardi (the one you have). Based on information I've collected, all other cars are still in Canada. Have you had the chance to finish yours?
Where did you get the pictures of the Fortvac Bernardi, other than my white one I bought from Robert Welsh(chassy pics compared to mine? Just looking for other Bernardi owners.
Sir where did you get the picture of the red Fortvac Bernardi, or know anything about the black one that might possibly still exist. I bought the white one almost two years ago from, Robert Welsh in Delaware, Thanks, glasstractor.
Not yet Doug. Will give them a look see. Did you find a part number on your door struts I asked about?
Anything new with your Cimbria, Craig? If you need any help, let me know, I might be able to help; Keith Cline and Donnie Vivier are knowlagable, I don't think the're Sterling group members, but on facebook ( Donnie Vivier has "Fiberclassics) All of this, and IF you need help. Hoping to hear you're driving it soon Craig.
Sir, have purchased the Bernardi recently, and was wandering if you had a maintenance manual for it, or a copy. Willing to reimburse for copy and shipping. Thank you very much. Doug (glass-tractor)
Noticed you had id on the Bernardi some time back' I just bought it just before dChristmas 17, got it at a decent price. Do you have any Cimbrias or Sterlings at present?Will be in Orlando in April, taking Grand Daughter to Disney. Have a nice day. Doug
You were asking how it drove Craig, it surprised me, thought it would ride stiff, and I think yours will ride good as well, very similar chassy set-ups. Craig you will enjoy that car.
No, it didn't get away, but grass roots feelings Craig controlled my urge. I don't know what Bob has done to the front, but I plan on extra weight some how. Please keep me posted on that Super Car.
Morning Doug. That's probably why Bob never sent me that copy. Still haven't started on the Cimbria. Bob said he did swap the steering rack out from the original on the Bernardi and said he did something to offset the front weight issue, but I don't remember what it was. Based on your warning, I take it the Bernardi tried to get away from ya. Hope nothing suffered but your adrenaline level. How does she drive? Craig.
Robert said he put manual behind seat, but I can't find it, guess he's lost it. What the latest on your Cimbria? Gotta figure some way to put more weight up front without disrupting airflow around radiator. When you get it going, be careful with that beast and don't let it bite you.