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Yet another idea for tail lights


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I had a go and it certainly gives me an idea, need to get the measuring tape out.

flipped it just didn't work so I didn't even bother posting the photo-shopped effort but!

Cimbria rear with mini valance.jpg


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I misunderstood. I thought you were going to use the panel as the tail light panel and not a bumper fixture *hmmm*. That's why I was questioning the light detail. Peter did a bang-up job with the mock-up... I can get some dimensions from my wife's '08 Cooper - the S version wasn't any different in size for that year.


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Like I said, I flipped it and it didn't go anywhere near so I didn't bother, as a valance, -the main problem with the rear end- it works great.

See what I mean? I didn't even bother blending it in.
Cimbria rear 2.jpg
Older Suzuki Swifts tail lights work well.


I would like to see more pictures of your car. Front, Back, sides, roof and the inside. Looks great. What did you use for the new rear end?
See what I am working on at Sterlingkitcars.com ThreeTimeTom. Thanks.


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I'm looking forward to seeing your "rearend" rework.
My car is getting painted gloss white. Accents will be satin black. I am getting very concerned about the LED tail lights. I am in the dark when it comes to wiring. I'll soon see what I don't know.