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WTB: t-top canopy


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Looking to see who (if anybody) has a factory t-top canopy laying around. With or without glass - I'm just looking for options.

Rob Sterling

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That may be a unicorn. But you can purchase a new Targa top from the owner of the company.


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Hi. Yes the targa canopy and the actual removable targa panel are available, but the combo is a bit expensive because it’s relatively difficult to make. The other thing to keep in mind is that the fitment of the targa panel was never 100% refined. You have to be creative in creating the clasps and locks.


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Yeah I know it was a long stretch to find one available but did remember them being available on the old sterlingsportscar site. Would be curious how much though...

Rob Sterling

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I will be going with a Targa top soon. I believe I can adapt the latches from a C5 Corvette targa to keep it secure. I have one waiting for the transplant.