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Working backwards but still working


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When I first got it it was a mess. Just cleaning out the undercarriage, inside the walls of fiberglass. Engine bay, and nooks and crannies…
I must’ve made 3,000 mice and 10,000 dirtdobbers homeless.
First things first..
The engine.
This car came with a 1600 VW air cooled but, was upgraded with electric choke and dual carb plus custom exhaust..
So it was around 90-100 hp.
I laughed out loud
My 77 Corvette is at 416 Hp. Would this car even make it up a hill?
well as of today, 4 months of owning,
I have no idea. Still haven’t started it.
But that changes tonight
I’m a trip to the gas station for petrol away from firing this thing up or igniting it with rage.
Back to the beginning…
The tires were dry rotted. So, I had to get some. But, I wasn’t going with those ugly snowflake firebird rims, I had to get some 20’s
Though, EVERYONE online told me not to and that it wouldn’t work. My stubborn-ass made it work! Ha!
sure, it doesn’t turn but boy oh boy, does she look sexy on a straightaway..
That is, if I ever get her on one some day.

then, after tearing wires out I remembered I needed to take pics of wiring.. though it was already too late, I made an attempt
Pics below
Ok, so what’s next?
Be smart about this and make sure the engine is good before slapping thousands of dollars into a car that might not run?
You know me better than that.
ive got rims on it so it looks pretty in my drive way..
let’s work on that paint job!
Wooo hooo
Pics below

to be continued (many, many times)


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Ahh, after a month of waiting and threats of a lawsuit, the scanner whom I hired to paint my car scammed me! I should have seen that coming…
His place, Solo Classic Car Restoration, in Fort Smith, AR. Has the gosh-damned worst ratings and mentions of any business I’ve ever seen! Luckily, I read those AFTER he scammed me.
I got a $300 paint job for just $4,000!
Since then,
I’ve been working on the top. Trying to figure out where to buy hydraulic hoses that’ll fit the ones the rats chewed through.. until then, I’ve remounted them with tiny hose clamps. That should hold ‘em. And of course, after having the engine tuned up with just 9 trips backs and forth to Autozone to finally get the correct size spark plugs, belt, and ah, hell… it’s AutoZone! You’ll never get the correct part the 1st 3 times.
Everybody knows that.

Me: “yeah, I need a belt for a 1900cc Subaru air-cooled.”
Him: “what year, make, model?”
Me: “pick one… which ever has that engine.”
him: “I’ll just click 2004 Dodge Dakota 3.5.”
Me: dodge uses these engines now? Remarkable.”

Cut to Today…
Car on jack stands, I’m replacing the Ford Starter solenoids for the top and I have 3 wires left to trace back until I find wheee they’re cut.
Hopefully be done tonight.
if so,
I’m gonna crack her over for the first time In 30 years!
if she don’t..
I’ll light her final match…

and laugh Maniacally

To be continued
Pics below

I’m Luke and I’m out


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