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Wiper Arm


Has anyone tried using single wiper arm from mercedes E190 or equivalent?


Brett Proctor

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Seen a lot of these in the wrecking yards and for starters it doesn't have the reach(length) needed for our cars. If my memory serves right it's not long enough. I can get a measurement on one the next time I go if you would like.

Also under the hood its not that compact of a unit.

If I have the wrong wiper assembly let me know and I can check the one your talking about next time I go to the yards

Mercedes wiper arm.jpg


That's the correct arm. I just came across someone using it FFR818 car and though of asking about it. But if dimensions don't work then it's a mood point investigating.


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I loked at that system many years ago as i have a Mercedes Cosworth with that system but is is very large.

I also looked at opposing side mounted wipers as on my A-class Mercedes, but I don't think the 'mini Benze' made it to the USA.

A class wiper system2.jpg