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Wings and Wheels 2012


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This is a show that I missed the last 3 years due to rain. It's an event that is sponsored by a non-profit group that relies on private pilots to volunteer their time and planes to fly critically ill children to hospitals or elsewhere for families who can't afford transportation otherwise. It's usually a great turnout, with a wonderful scattering of vintage and unusual cars and private airplanes. This year I was determined to go, despite the threat of nasty weather later in the day. With that forecast, unfortunately, most of the scheduled vintage planes, including a Mustang, did not show, which I can understand but was still pretty bummed about. Anyway... a few photos of the days events:


The only shot of my car, wedged between a '31 Ford Model A and a "generic" '36 Hotrod of unknown origin.


Mid morning, one of the few times the sky was almost sunny. The red Porsche 930 in the left corner left the field after only a few hours, apparently soured that nobody was looking at his car... they were all down the road looking at mine...


A 2003 Velocity four-seater. It was really weird watching this thing come in - nothing but a pod body and a set of wings. But a very cool little plane!


The extent of the European contingent. A lone Lambo and Ferrari, which left with the Porsche. They either didn't want to get wet or they weren't getting any attention, either...


Nice little MG TD with a Hudson supercharger!


Beauty shot of a Beechcraft.


Beauty shot of a nice worn wooden prop. Just thought it looked cool :)


One of the wilder rides, a Korean-era Jeep complete with a 106mm tank-buster cannon. According to the gentleman in blue, the 50mm rifle bore mounted on top of the cannon would be shot first, with an incendiary round to mark the target spot, then the cannon would be shot directly after. He said there would only be four rounds carried on the Jeep because after the first shot, the tank would be then targeting you.


Business ends...


A real WWII Schwimmwagen, right down to the operating propeller.



Mid '30's Packard Sedan radiator cap. Love these vintage designs!



A Studebaker Packard - how 'bout that!

That's it for the main photos. I spent most of the day talking with folks about the Sterling and it seemed the most popular car with the kiddie crowd. After all, how often can they see a full size HotWheels car? Myself and the Model A bugged out about 2pm (show was scheduled until 3) as there were large storm clouds pressing the horizon where I had to go. I wasn't in the garage 15 minutes before the skies opened....


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Nice lookin' group of pics there, man. I'm with you on the hood ornament. Some of those things were works of art.