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windshield reflective glare


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In the interests of a community problem with our cars, I have come up with a possible fix to the reflectivity of the gauges and other illuminated components on the windshield.

This is as of yet is untried, but the thoery of it sounds like it might just work.

Computers for years have had privacy film to keep prying eyes out of personal information on the computer screen. This film can be purchased at many office supply retailers, or from 3M directly.

The idea here is the privacy filter applied over the gauge screens will black out in the direction of the windshield, but not toward the driver. Thus cutting out the windshield glare many of us have had issues with over the years.

Second hand stores can also have privacy filters on their shelves, and usually dont ask much for them. Just trim them to the desired shape you want.

As soon as I can come across one locally Ill test it out and show a before and after shot. If anyone else wants to try this out, please post the results here.


That's a neat idea, looking forward to seeing the tests.

All you need to do now is come up with one for the dash top reflecting on the windshield too! (i'm thinking Alcantara Cloth covering is probably the least reflective option)


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Alacantra, and Leather are my choices for interior upholstery too.
The only real option I think is to have a dark color such as black, or grey for the dash top.

On the original topic:
I found a Bi-directional Privacy film designed for tablets, which hopefully will hopefully work well for the center console displays.
If this idea works, it will solve a lot of problems for interior design in these cars.

I want to find the type of privacy film that is not bidirectional for the gauges though.


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here is a quick test of the privacy film against my laptop. I found this at goodwill.
Youll notice the 2 way film, allows side viewing. This is great for the center console items. The driver can still see the illuminated parts, but the direction to the windshield is blocked.


Ive been told office max, or office depot will have these.


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Thinking seriously on this as I have a fairly large center speedo area, placing the filter over the curved smoked cover wouldn't work as the top would be almost horizontal and defeat the object of the excise so I would need to change the speedo cover for a plain one -as two tinted panels in front of the LCD speedo might be too much- and fit the filter flat against the speedo face under the cover for it to work. Just need to see if your trial works and if my viewing angle is under 30 degrees.*hmmm* Watching this space *nothing to see*