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Vacuum brake boosters


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I have been pondering using OEM or robbed vacuum assist brake boosters taken out of junk yard cars.

I can figure out the linkage,and plumbing but placement seems to be the common denominator in these cars. Where would it go, and still leave room for the airbox/A/C unit, and then the battery?

Any ideas here? I think visual shopping will be the best idea here. and try to find the smallest booster possible that would fit the bill. Ive seen boosters on ebay as small as 7".
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Brett Proctor

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Old post but since there was no reply to it I thought I would
I have installed one of these in my car.
Works great. I used the pedal arrangement out of a Mazda Miata. Uses the same bolt pattern. It was a tight fit but I got it in there.
Came out of a GEO Metro I believe. Suzuki also uses one of these small boosters in one of their cars.