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That’s a good but ambitious project. There is one known instance of someone semi-successfully squeezing a Sterling onto a Fiero chassis. The biggest challenge is with the HEIGHT of the engine, suspension, and various chassis pieces and accessories. Expect to have to cut out a whole lot of the engine baffles and bodywork of the engine “deck.” You won’t be able to see out the back but, well, Sterlings aren’t known for their rear visibility anyway. And expect everything in front of the front bulkhead/footwell to be “too high,” like the brake master and…everything. 🙂

On the one we’ve seen, it looks like they really had to cut back a lot of the chassis and that, even then, the body still sat a little bit high. But somehow the builder made it operational.

It’s a noble goal. As a veteran builder, I’d rate that project at 9+ on the scale of difficulty. That doesn’t mean don’t do it. It means to prep yourself for the challenge. 🙂


I did look at one here in Eugene couple weeks ago that only had the transmission, engine and cradle in the rear that had been on the road for a while.... I was in a container. I wasn't interested as it was only being sold as a packaged deal with 6 other cars though so didn't take any pictures...