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SUV lift system

Brett Proctor

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If both sides share a common fuse that should eliminate an electrical failure allowing one to operate and not the other. If its a mechanical glitch then cross your fingers it causes the common fuse to blow :D

Never thought of that and your right.

There is one test I didn't run and I guess it should be checked. If the system is in operation and a fuse blows will the system disengage the the drive system and allow manual operation or will the drive system stay engaged.

I think it would disengage because I think the drive system is engaged from an electromagnet.
Power top limit switches

Hay Brett, Everything good in LV? Looks like you have made progress this year.
I need help wiring limit switches that will stop the top going up and coming down when I use the remote fob. How do I tell the motor to stop at the correct moment. I could not find this topic anywhere. Can you or other members provide some guidance regarding type of limit switch and there placement on the canopy support bracket and a wiring diagram. Of course Pictures would be greatly appreciated.
Still thinking to use just a drivers seat, but have found a jump seat out of a Honda Odessey. Great storage and cup holder when down and a seat when necessary. Continue to work on interior.
Car has just been painted Subaru ceramic white and I will be using Satin black as accents on louvre panel and other areas.
Stay safe and out of trouble.


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Very pleased to see on euro-nova but it was good to see him on here too as he has a huge amount of stuff that is not just interesting but innovative.

I know as a webmaster on my club it is so hard to keep a forum going and interest alive, sometimes I feel like chucking the whole thing in too but it seems not a big que waiting to jump in and take over.