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Stewart Warner Tach/ Speedo Diameter


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Car is slightly buried so I figured I'd ask. I have the Stewart Warner Stage 3 gauges and looking for replacements. I believe the tach and speedometer are 3 3/8" gauges but was hoping for somebody to confirm that. Thanks!
(picture for reference)

Brett Proctor

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Did a search for them and came up empty but I then did a search for companies that repair them and found several that repair Stewart Warner gauges.

So as an option there are companies that will repair what you have.


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Yeah, I can get them rebuilt/ repaired but I'm simply going to just go new so I can get the look and lighting I want. I got the garage cleaned up today where I can actually get to the car again so I will just yank the dash pod and measure. :)


And someone here will probably buy your old gauges in a heartbeat - I remember mine sold FAST when I upgraded!


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Faces are essentially 3.25" which means likely the hole size is 3-3 1/8". That being said I'm going to go with the speedhut 3 3/8" gauges for the speedo and tach and the 2 1/16" for the fuel and oil temp. I can't do them all at once but Ill post up pictures in the build thread. If anybody is looking for the SW gauges I'll be glad to send them to members of this site for shipping cost only.