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Sterling CAD Model Design and Update thread.


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Hello all,

I've taken it upon myself to model a sterling as mostly a personal project since I do enjoy it, but it seems that some of you have wanted a model for some time, so I will ensure I release it here once it is finished in an array of file formats so that you will all hopefully benefit from it.
I anticipate it will probably take me about a week or two to get something that I'm relatively confident in giving to you all, but in the meantime I'll show some update screenshots of the different stages it has gone through in the past week that I've worked on it. I am going to be purchasing a body from a member of these forums within the next few weeks as well, so once I get the body to my yard I will likely update it more because I will have much more detailed pictures and accurate measurements.


Update 1.​

This was basically the first sketch that I made up in about 3 minutes using a single reference image, the proportions were way off.

Update 2.​

This is a pretty lame side profile using an incredibly low vertex count. I'm not complaining too much as this is about 10 minutes into it, plus I was quite tired at the time and this was my first time modelling anything in about a year.

Update 3.​

I like this angle and will probably be using this for the entire rest of the screenshots unless I do neat shots of other areas in the car. As of this shot I had a few references up on one monitor and blender on the other, but once I scoured some videos and received a gracious gift from letterman, it got much better at an incredibly rate.

Update 4.​

Here is a slightly more detailed version in a side view. I made a and I pulled out the wheel well.

Update 5.​

At this point I finally got some good enough images and a semi-dimensioned drawing from letterman7 that completely saved this model. Without these images and the drawing it would have been a much less accurate model, but with them I was able to make a pretty decent proper first draft to the car. If you recall the 2nd update, I mentioned that I hadn't touched Blender in over a year since my last project, a C3 Corvette, so I forgot a lot of my modelling techniques and strategies. As is obvious now, I've made the entire car out of a single mesh rather than making each individual body panel from separate meshes and positioning them flush with eachother.

Update 6.​

I'm still not exactly sure how the body fits together, but my understanding is that the nose bottom, panels with the air scoop under the door, and the rear bumper section are 4 separate bottom pieces, with the canopy and upper body being the other two pieces of the car. If anyone could confirm this for me it would be greatly appreciated as I'm not exactly sure. I deleted the canopy (not a major loss, it was made with 6 vertices) and will be making it out of a separate plane in the next update. The major things that need to be fixed as of now are the depth of the outer wheel well that slants inwards towards the suspension as I cant really discern how far it goes from picutres.


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Yep. There is the main tub, the front "under nose" section, two side panels and the rear valance. Plus the panels for the "frunk" and the engine cover, as well as a louver section if the car still retained it. If you're on Facebook, look here https://www.facebook.com/Sterlingcars/photos and you'll see all the individual components.


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I don't really know how to do the updates so I guess I'll just update the original post and add the new updates and any questions or things I have I'll just post down here.

I'm having a really hard time getting the angle on the downward slant of the canopy right, it's the part where the middle body line crosses it. Apart from that, it's just slow progress. Tomorrow I hope to split off the nose section, rear valance and get the shape of the rear done properly. After that, I'll probably shift focus to detailing the front end or finishing the canopy after finishing that body line.

Question: I assume the car is wider at the rear fender than it is at the front. Is this correct and if so. do any of you have an estimate for how much wider it is? I can't really tell even after looking through several videos and countless pictures trying to find good shots.

Edit: It appears I can't edit the original post, so here is a picture of the current progress.


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You can keep adding to this post, that's how a forum works :) I don't recall how much wider the rear is than the front, my rough guesstimate would be about 4 to 5 inches at the hips.


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I hope to start working on this again soon but I've been busy with school now that I've gone back.


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I now have a reason to continue this modeling project that is also related to a course of mine. Here is a quick update where I fixed some issues that stand out now that I own a body. I have also added the area up front for the front trunk, as well as shaved out the rear where the engine and louvers go. This should be mostly done by the end of the next 2 weeks. Next up is the canopy...



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Not bad so far! I've got Blender... never learned how to use it. It's not the most user friendly interface...