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Brett Proctor

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This was posted once before but I couldn't find it so I'm reposting it.

Racing Steering Wheels, Racing Style Steering Wheels

Rick if you find the original post just delete this post if you could. No use having it posted twice.

They also have adapters
Steering Wheel HUB Adaptors, Racing Steering Wheel HUB Adaptors

and quick release adapters

I also sent an email to the company about getting dimensions on their seats. They said they would email their supplier and try getting the specs on them. That was a week ago and so far no reply.

If I get the dimensions I'll post a new thread on them.



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Their stuff is very much the same as the ones I bought on Ebay (Chinese of course, but what isn't these days?) and about the same price, I have the red 'battle' steering wheel as you know and the red RS seats look the same as mine and about the same prices too, they are a 'snug' fit but they do go in and about the widest that will fit with drop floors, very comfy too, fell asleep once whilst checking dashboards ergonomics, *asleep* :eek:, needs a little 'help' around the lever area and no, the lever doesn't fit better on the inner side. I have seen later models with the lever mounted higher on the side. I mounted mine on some 2" flat bar bolted to the original mounting points, this allowed me to move the sliders in a bit for the cost of 3/8" in hight. They do look good though.

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