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SS MkI,II,II VW & Ford version. 1981-1998


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MkII with Nova

Whilst looking at this thread I thought, “why not a SS comparison of the various models”, so here goes, it’s all a bit, “as far as I know” as the main people to ask are Allen breeze and Reg Budd, Allen and his son are not responding and Reg Budd who built a lot of the cars has retired to France and doesn’t want to be contacted.
The main body shell has remained mostly unchanged, same screen and rear window, no roof raising or widening.

Eagle SS MkI
VW chassis based.
The original SS derived from the Cimbria.

Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) body shell designed to replace the whole VW beetle body. Some internal tubing to beef up the shell.
Came with all glass, doors, bonnet, rear deck, light pods, lifter mechanism and door, boot and bonnet locks fitted.
Finished in coloured gel coat to order.

Features a separate roll bar, behind the passenger’s heads just under the roof, bolted to chassis.
Pop up head lights moulded from a Porsche 924 and operated by a single wiper motor onto a 32mm cross bar.
The side windows are the main give-a-way with the two pivots on the front edge only, a pop open catch is at the rear lower corner on all models.
‘Louvered’ bonnet and rear cover.
Separate front and rear bumpers were supplied but not always fitted.
Also came with door cards, which had ‘tear drops’ along the top edge which blended into the sides of the dash/console unit, the ends of which curved back to meet the door cards. There was a separate instrument pod which could be left, right or centre on the concave dash surface.
Fibre glass bucket seats (plus covering and foam), roof panel for head lining, ‘A’ post trims. All bar the dash and door cards were to become ‘extras’ on later cars.

Eagle SS MkII
About 1985 a MkII was made,

Early MkII with Ford engine but still having the bonnet ribs as well as the early single bump.

The nose was chopped off and a separate moulding made to house fog lights and indicators.
Side windows changed shape with a shorter front corner, now pivots at bottom corner and top corner.
Internal roll cage built into the body by increasing tube size, separate roll bar available as extra.
Improved hinges but still not great, should have been stainless steel from the off.
Ford based model introduced with Eagle’s own ladder frame chassis to take MkII and III Ford Cortina running gear and engine/gearbox.
Ford version had a smooth rear deck with just the centre raised and a proper ‘boot’ (trunk) in the rear and a ‘lumpy’ bonnet with various designs of bulges to accommodate the Ford engine and air filter. The VW version continued with the original design although a couple have changed the boot lid for the smoother Ford version.

SS 2+2 MkII
Only a few of these car were made.
removable roof section, sliding windows and a two crush two seating arrangement, still with the distinctive MkII nose section.
2+2Owners.jpg 22redss1.jpg

Eagle SS Mk III;
Back to the original built on nose and gone is the separate nose section.
Otherwise same as the MKII with both Ford and VW versions available until production ceased in 1998, Few kits were made after mid1995 when the author bought his below.

One of the last VW SS, 1995

Earlier MkIII Ford SS
Chaz size a2.jpg

Very nice late Ford with multi bumps and slots on bonnet
MkII Ford nice.jpg

And another nicely turned out Ford SS
ss red.jpg

Equally nice VW version
SS stones 05.jpg

Various engines have been fitted from the 1600, 2l Pinto, V6 Cologne and even Rover (small block Chevy) 3,5 V8.
Simon's MkII V8
Currently a race car.

At that time a total of approximately 680 Eagle SSs were made between 1981 and 1995 with VW and Ford version about 50/50. no more than a handful were made between 1995 and the official closer of the business in 1998.

There are no more than a half a dozen in legal road going condition at the moment with some dozen or so stored, in rebuild, refurbish or project mode.

TEAC Sports cars made an attempt in 2006 to resurrect the SS and build an updated version on a tubular chassis with Toyota MR2 running gear but the response was poor so although the SS moulds had been rescued from a boatyard it was felt there was no longer a viable market in the UK for such a car. The moulds were sold on Ebay to a buyer from Wexford, Ireland and disappeared in 2010


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