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Purvis Eureka Car Club Meet,...2011?


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I know that there is a couple of you who are also over on the Euro Nova site, so you mat remember out annual meets I've posted about Down Under. For the rest, every year we have a annual (hence every year...duh! lol) meet here in Oz. Always around the month of October, so it's coming up, and fast.

But that doesn't stop me only having just uploaded my photos/videos from the 2011 meet! Hey, it's fashionable to be late, isn't it?


ECCAMilduraMeet2011017_zpsef024b5c.mp4 Video by cycoholic | Photobucket

ECCAMilduraMeet2011189_zps267fb82d.mp4 Video by cycoholic | Photobucket

ECCAMilduraMeet2011088_zps42a3d7d4.mp4 Video by cycoholic | Photobucket

Mildura 2011

And the link to all my PhotoBucket Account.

That should 'wet your whistle'. I guess the main reason I'm posting this set of photos is because they've just been uploaded today. :eek: I'll post the photos for this years meet in a new topic, and hopefully sometime this year, not several down the track. lol



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Cool! Lots of variations on a theme there. Seems that everyone has their own idea on the headlight situation; the gold car in the second photo - there has to be a reason that the scoops were moved further down on the hood... water cooled?

And which photo has you in it?


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That gold car indeed is water cooled. If you look at that photo, you can just make out something black & vertical in under the 'hood', that's his radiator. It has a Subaru EJ engine, can't remember if it's a 2.0 or 2.2. Also the same bloke fills in the upper vent just behind the roof. Purely aesthetics, he just likes that look, and not the somewhat awkward vent.

I don't think there are any photos of me in those photos, or of my car. I didn't take it that year, as I didn't trust my gearbox to make the 1280 + mile round trip that year!

Also, I should point out the 4th photo. How's that for a clever & obvious mod. I don't know why someone never thought about it long before now. If you can't work out what it is, it's a fiberglass cover for the wiper motor. *thumbs up*

Oh yeah, and the fellow standing in the middle of the cars in the 9th photo down, that's Allan Purvis, the bloke who licensed the Nova to build them here in Oz, back in 1972. Was released to the public as the Purvis Eureka at the 1974 Melbourne Motor Show. He's an honorary member of our club. :D
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Don't know why I thought about this, but as for a photo of me, our meet that year (2011), somehow ended up being a feature article for VW Depo, a Hungarian VW magazine. Here's a pdf of the article (in Hungarian). The person seen on the passenger side (here in Oz) in the red car (double page photo), is me.


As to how we ended up in VW Depo, I have no idea. lol