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pedal relocation


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Ok now that I have actually driven my cimbria, I would feel more comfortable farther away from the windshield. My car has another 2 feet or more from the fire wall to the back of the seat . With the seat tracks adjusted all the way back.
I want to reposition the seat farther back. I have a telescoping tilt steering column.
So far so good, the problem is if I get situated where I feel comfortable to drive. I will have close to a foot space between the pedals and my feet.

Has anybody relocated all three pedals at the same time. If so how bad of a job is it.

Thanks Dale

Oh by the way I am using the stock seats at least for now.


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If you think you have that much room to play with, I'd go with a set of hydraulic pedals such as the CNC brand:CB Performance - Online Catalog
You'll need the separate brake and clutch pedal to run a dual circuit brake system, and you'll need to fabricate a throttle pedal/linkage, which might not be too hard if you want to keep the stock cable and tube location. You could also get an 'all-in-one' set like this: C13-16-2120 - H-D HYDRAULIC PEDAL ASSEMBLY WITH ROLLER THROTTLE - 5/8 IN. CLUTCH - 3/4 IN. BRAKE - ASSEMBLY REQUIRED (SLAVE CYLINDER NOT INCLUDED) but you lose the dual circuit brake capability. You'd still need to relocate the throttle cable and tube. There are "overhead" hydraulic assemblies as well that put the reservoirs above the pedals. I had thought of those at one point but didn't feel like fabricating the bracket to hold them tight. Lots of options to explore if you have the inclination for fabrication... even a power adjustable cluster from a new model car...