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Brett Proctor

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I find it interesting about other social media sites that are favored more than this site, or they don't know about this site.
The organization of the site makes it next to impossible to find the info your looking for, and most of the stuff they're looking for is answered on this site.
And the knowledge is lacking about where to get parts and what eom parts are still available.
At least there are a coulpe of members from here to set them straight.

Just an observation.


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I’m with ya.

The benefit to sites like FaceBook is that they have a huge audience and you only need to have signed up once.

But there is no organization or permanency to the info. If I want to follow one person’s incremental progress in their project, I can’t. Not easily. And it’s also relatively difficult to find previously asked questions and their corresponding answers therefore people ask the same stuff again and again. Once it’s off the bottom of the page, it barely exists anymore.

In reality, as with most things, there is a place for both styles. The thought-of-the-moment quality of FB helps keep enthusiasm alive, which is cool. But whenever I want to find in-depth advice or to follow individual projects, there’s nothing like a true forum site.


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I think the difference is on FB they can make a post and get a bunch of reaction right away to feed their desire for instant gratifaction and get the dopamine hit they were fishing for.