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Brett Proctor

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Will these seats fit??
According to their dimensions it should.

Well They lied about its dimensions, But with some changes it will just barely fit.

What I had to do to make it fit I'll post later today

The other question that I'll answer is it better than the modified corvette seats

Brett Proctor

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OK lets get this started

Picture is not accurate and neither are the dimensions.

To get this to fit your going to have to do some cutting.

First I removed the cover and then pealed back the foam so I could get to the shell, which is made out of fiberglass.

Then I cut the section that over hangs

Foam was cut and cover reinstalled

Seat will now fit. Sort of.
It will fit, but using the tracks is useless. Not enough clearance for it to slide forward or back. You could remove more material but something caught my attention that made me stop.

After testing the seat for fit I notice this.
First it sits lower than the modified corvette seat, which could be a good thing, but the seat has no bolster up front to support your legs, which was not comfortable. The corvette seat has them.

Next is the head rest, on this seat it doesn't support your head at all. Its angled way to far back
Check out the difference between the corvette seat and this seat. Both seats have the same recline position.

So even getting them to fit the corvette seats I think are the better way to go. They're more comfortable and the head rest is at an angled to give you better support. You wont be looking up at the sky before your head hits the rest

Brett Proctor

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Waiting for the primer to get here so I can start painting the car so I had some time to look into plan "B"

Build a new shell that will fit and use the oem cover.

Worked on the angle of the head rest.

Next will be to narrow the bottom so it will fit with no clearance issues.
The forward part looks to flare out and If I remove that flare I figure it will fit.
Once thats done and all is good I should be able to make a mold out of it.