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Hi all I am new to your group. I have a few projects on the go (all be it too many) one of which is what looks like a Nova of which I obtained about 3 ish years ago. It was a garage find. The car had sat for 40 years as a near finished project after the owner died. The reasons its likely not authentic from sterling is that it has pop up lights and side opening doors. It does share the same body shape windscreen, wheels all together on a 68 beetle chassis. Its currently running an old Audi 100 1.8l engine.
The body is solid but it does need a new windscreen and drivers door window (any pointers to this much appreciated).
I am keen to find out more about this mutant nova but all i seem to see is a reference made to knock off copies made around its time. This one has solid body and a pretty good gel coat still so I may just fix it up anyway. I hope o haven't brought shame to this group now and will value any light shed on what i have here.


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Hello and welcome! Looks like you have a nice example of an Avante, the Nova’s little brother/sister. I have seen a really nice write-up of the history of the Avante on Euro-Nova but I can’t immediately locate it. But the basic gist of the history is that the Avavte was never meant to be any sort of rip-off or clone of anything, and it isn’t related to the Nova in any official way EXCEPT that it uses the same windshield. So basically the designer realized that the windshield of the Nova, which was custom designed for the Nova, had a beautiful and unusual shape and was therefor a good starting point for a brand new, unique kit car.

The result is, to many of us, one of the most attractive VW based kit cars that was produced. It’s a good-looking car. And even though it ONLY shares the windshield, the Nova and Avante (and Eagle SS) communities have always been enthusiastically joined by a similar history.

Your car looks like a very nice example of a very rare kit. Feel free to share any progress and photos anytime you want. 👍 I’m a little jealous; I’ve always wanted an Avavte for the collection but it’s always been too hard to get it shipped across the ocean.


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Hello and thanks for your swift reply and for settling the matter and putting me more at ease with this project. The styling is nice and am finding. I must take a closer look at a Nova the next time I am near one and take some notes to compare as of course I have not put one next to this yet. I have noticed that the doors on mine have morris marina door handles like the Lotus Esprit. Does this Avante sometimes come with gull wing doors as i have seen this online or is this another similar kit car?
As this project is pretty much untouched since its build apart from a core plug, and some new hoses to the engine, I wonder how to go about this project. As you say its rare, would it be going too far to modernise it much? Id not want to spoil a good example. Surely people have done this but I was thinking on getting an ev kit from Europe and having a go with this. Else I can keep the audi engine and feed it better parts.
I guess id better find some more of these run some questions by another enthusiast.
Im really glad you like it and after finding all this out am at a but of a cross roads with this. Im guessing your not based close to Southampton uk then, as its half an hour from here so not too hard to export!