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New Sterling owner in CT


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Recently bought #503 from the former owners widow. She needs a lot of work. (The car. not the widow Lol.) Starting with the fact that I have no keys, Can't get the canopy open and she doesn't run. Other than that, and all the body and interior work that needs to be done, it should be ready in about 10 years.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated


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Nice wheels! and looks like the glass is all intact! re-using those items will save you $$$ in the long run.


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Congrats!! Looks like a worthy project.

Regarding the canopy, under the hood there should be a pump and two or four hydraulic lines. If you detach the hydraulic lines (anticipating some leakage), you and another person should be able to manually lift the canopy, one person on either side.

There is a *slight* chance you could open the canopy just by using jumper cables to directly energize the pump. No key necessary for that, but there’s always an exciting chance of setting things on fire, etc. I think I can find a new keyed canopy switch if necessary. I don’t have any ignition switches but that is a “standard” Bug/dune buggy thing.

Again, I’m excited for ya! Keep us updated.


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Thanks. Started under the hood a bit. Removed the pump which does seem to work. But I haven't had much chance to play with the car yet as I have a CJ 7 project and not much time till spring. But it seems like kind of an overwhelming nightmare right now.


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Another option, if it has the key on the body in the same place most cars do, you could get in under the rear fender and bridge the connections on the key housing.