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New Sterling Nova owner from Denmark


Hey y'all,

I've been lurking here since I got my Sterling about a month ago.
It's one of the early models from the Southhampton days as far as I can tell.
It wasn't built all that well, so there's loads of work to be done, but for now I've managed to get it rolling, and I'm fixing a couple of issues every week.
Around here they're super rare cars. To my knowledge there are two of them in total in De
nmark, and mine seems to be the only one actually getting out on the road.

Anyway, I'm happy to be part of your little corner of the world.



Thanks guys!
It's gonna become a very nice car, but for now it's really in need of a lot of elbow grease.
It's leaking like a sift, counting out the places where it should have been drained, and the fit leaves anything you can think of to be wished for.
Needs new seats, new steering wheel, new interior upholstry (is that the correct term?), the rear window blinds needs a whole lot of fixing, gear rod and knob needs replacing, the roof needs proper fitting big time, pretty much all the rubber seals on the body are either broken, mounted wrong, or even both, the headlights needs to be sealed proper, and so forth.

Today's task was to fix the indicator relay. It had a dead Capacitor. I thought it was a shame to replace the old Hella relay.

Next time it stops raining, I'll make some more photos of it.
I picked the early version, cause it's designed with no practical considerations, just making it as extreme as possible. I have a bunch of other old sports cars, but the Sterling is the most fun.