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Motorcycle gauge custer


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I am looking into all areas and have found pretty much what Im looking for for a set of gauges.
Rather than piece together car gauges, or something else that may not lok as good as I want it to. I have found a set of gauges which I think should work just fine for my interior designs.

The only thing to work out is the senders, as the wiring diagrams are available all over the net.

2006/7/8 CBR 600R Gauge cluster.

This has everything Im looking for, even a shift light.

What do you think?


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I agree totally with you that we might be able to borrow a very nice gauge cluster from a bike. I had that same realization one day when I was poking around Dakota Digital's site just to see what's new. I've always liked Dakota Digital's continuing commitment to make "universal" after-market gauges and clusters. For a long while, they were really the only vendor on the planet who was making things like electronic speedo conversion/calibration boxes, etc, for the custom builders out there.

But I personally don't like having numbers for my gauges, and I always wished that DD would do more product development involving graphic gauges and clusters. Well...they still haven't done much like that with their car gauges, but I noticed that they now offer two very nice clusters for motorcycles that have a more cohesive, graphical theme to them. Here is a link to the overview of those products:

All-in-one motorcycle gauge clusters from Dakota Digital:

Of these, I think my favorite one is this one:


The benefit of a motorcycle cluster, just like you were hinting at, Yaughn, is that you theoretically end up with everything you need in a very small package, which is always a good thing for a Sterling.

The above cluster would give a person a speedo, tach, fuel level, odometer, clock, turn signals, high beam indicator, and idiot lights for alternator and temp. That's not a bad spread at all for a box that measures about 6 1/2 inches wide by 2 1/2 inches tall!

The other cool thing about the Dakota Digital gauges is that they are tailored for the custom car builder and therefore tend to be very universal. I doubt if if would be much hassle at all to get them working. Plus, I think that company has a pretty good reputation for helping you with your system to get it to do whatever you need.

One of the downsides of the DD clusters is that, depending on one's tastes, they still aren't quite as cool and "production" looking as some of the clusters for production bikes, like the one Yaughn found. And you're stuck if they DON'T have a particular measurement that you need, like boost, etc.

Still, I think a motorcycle cluster might be a downright elegant option for our cars. I can easily imagine a nice DD bike cluster in the center of a pod of the pod-style dash, with a few switches and whatnot around it. Heck, you might end up with EXCESS space with that configuration.

Here is a very quick, rough mock-up of that general idea:



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Is the DD mockup a photoshop job or are do you have the gauges actually set in place because the size looks just about perfect. I was leaning towards the motorcycle set up myself, but had some questions about getting it to function the way I want since a lot of those gauges are driven by the bike's ECU. However, like you point out, the DD gauges are designed for custom builds - they're just really expensive by the time you get everything to make them work!*eek!*

I like the size and look of the one in the mock up, though it's not really my taste. I could do without the little "horns" on the inside as the oval wraps around and I'd probably wind up painting the brightwork a flat black, haha

Those Nexus gauges are also nice, I wonder what the total cost of a set of those things and hardware would cost a guy?


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The mock-up is 100% Photoshop, so be aware that it's not 100% true-to-life. But whenever I do any digital mock-ups, I try really hard to figure out the actual size of the thing and then find some reference point in the background photo, too, so that everything is kinda sorta accurate. That mock-up isn't a true physical mock-up, but it should be close (within 10%). I'd love to have a physical copy of one of those DD units to play with, but I already ave my Nexus gauges and so I won't be shopping for any more gauges for some time.

You're right... I don't like those little horns on the bezel either. Fortunately, it looks like Dakota Digital offers that exact same display with a variety of different bezels. It's not a perfect cluster, but what I DO like about it is that you can put 95% of the information you need into the space within the "horizon" of the steering wheel, which is very difficult to do in a Sterling. (Even my Nexus gauges are a compromise; they look cool, and I have the exact combination that I want, but I can't find any way to get all 8 gauges in front of the steering wheel.)

The main thing I like about the DD products is that you can be reasonably certain that they'll work. They are so adaptable and "universal" that you really shouldn't have much trouble getting them to do whatever you want. ...for which you pay a premium, unfortunately. On the other hand, honestly, by the time you bought a tach, speedo, fuel gauge, temp meter, volt meter, turn indicators, etc. from ANY brand, you'd probably spend more than the base price for the DD cluster. I think the cluster is about $700. (But I don't think it includes all the senders.) My Nexus gauges were about twice that, and that was with a pretty nice discount.

Regarding the Autometer Nexus gauges, one of our other members had asked me about costs, too, and I wrote up a summary here:


It's hard to pull the trigger and spend a lot of money on gauges. In a way, it's kind of a boring purchase. On the other hand, the dash layout on these cars is probably the single biggest factor that gives away their age or make s them look hoaky. I do kinda like a nicely done "retro/original" Sterling where everything seems to match. But there are a lot of cars out there that have a very chaotic mix of old, mismatched gauges next to either an embarrassing 8-track player (my car) OR next to and out-of-place super-modern radio head, all framed with 1970s toggle switches and illuminated rocker switches from Radio Shack (...again, my car). As such, the dash is potentially the main Achilles heel for our cars. When the canopy opens to reveal a crappy dash, it's like having a cute girl walk up to you and then having here smile to reveal that she's missing her front teeth and her other teeth are "fuzzy" and broken. *eek!*

I haven't solved the problem on my own car yet. But I have a plan, and I'm trying to fight a good fight. I'd say start saving some money for a good ash solution -- be it well-matched retro OR nice and modern. You want you car to have a killer smile. :D


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that one is $499.95

its 6.56 inches long
and 2.26 inches tall
i think with out the housing its 6.225 long and 1.55 tall

if you dont want a oval they have 4.5 inch round ones too