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Minor rant... fuel fittings


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I remember not too long ago that you could purchase just about anywhere a "regular" banjo fitting for a Weber carburetor that you could stick a rubber fuel line to, clamp it in place and be on your way. Now, all I see are AN fittings. The current setup that I'm trying to make run is using AN stuff from the carbs to the fuel distributor (a T fitting with a pressure dial and gauge). The T inlet is also AN... so I'll need to purchase a fitting for that and a piece of hose just to test run the engine. This sucks - why do I need to spend that kind of money for a couple $5 parts? To me, AN fittings and stainless braided hoses look great, but they are really a pain in the butt - inflexible, large, and for their size really take up a whole lotta room where a simple rubber hose would suffice.

Anyone want to weigh in on the pros of AN fittings versus an old fashioned screw clamp and rubber hose (other than the obvious - abrasive resistance and looks).