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Lifting struts for Louvers/Hood

Brett Proctor

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First let me bring you up to date.

The lifting struts that I originally used were out of a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee rear window.
When I pulled them(junk yard stock) they had enough force to keep the rear window of the Cherokee open.

Well after I installed them I decided to replace them with new oem ones.
I got the new ones in and found out that they had more than enough force to lift the louvers up to the point that I felt they put to much force on the hinges.
So I searched the internet and found the force of the stock struts(26lb) so I would have something to go off of.
I figured half that force would be plenty to lift the louvers and hood. There are formulas out there for this

Found this place and ordered 4 struts (2 for the rear and 2 for the front)
Lift Supports Depot SX185P12 Gas Charged Lift Support

The only issue I had with them is that they come with 10mm ball sockets. The Jeep uses a 10mm on one end and a 8mm on the other. No problem though, you can remove the ball sockets and replace them( I just put the jeep ball sockets on the new struts). If you use a different mounting bracket then it may be no problem if the brackets have 10mm ball ends.

The new struts do have alot of stiction

Stiction is the static friction that needs to be overcome to enable relative motion of stationary objects in contact. The term is a portmanteau of the term "static friction", perhaps also influenced by the verb "stick".

After the seals break in this may go away.

But they do work with no problems and the force exerted on the hinges and mounts is half that of the stock struts.

My only suggestion for those thinking of going this route is to install a quality hinge and not some bolt that goes through the fiberglass. The hole in the fiberglass will eventually get elongated from the force of the strut pushing on it


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Just throwing out another option with very easy mounts: mid-90's Chevy Blazer (GMC Jimmy) rear glass strut. Gives you different mounting options if you pull the ball studs with it.

Brett Proctor

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Just throwing out another option with very easy mounts: mid-90's Chevy Blazer (GMC Jimmy) rear glass strut. Gives you different mounting options if you pull the ball studs with it.
*thumbs up*

Another thing to remember is alot of the end mounts unscrew from the strut and can be mixed and matched.
So if you find a strut with the right lifting force and length you want but the end mounts wont work look around at other installs and you may find something that will work. I had to do that with the new struts I got. It came with 10mm socket mount on both ends and I needed a 8mm on one end so I just unscrewed the end that needed to be replaced and screwed the 8mm mount on

I'll post pictures of my setup later today for those interested in what it looks like

Brett Proctor

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Rear louver struts.
Uses stock Jeep Grand Cherokee mounts (1997)
Strut has 12lbs of force(not stock jeep strut)

Lift Supports Depot SX185P12 Gas Charged Lift Support


Front hood struts
Uses same strut as rear

mounts are from mixed vehicles
Lower one is from a Jeep Grand Cherokee

Top is from a Suzuki Vitara I think

Brett Proctor

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vpogv you got a better memory than me. I remember it came from a Saab but not the model and year.
That hinge as vpogv stated is from the Saab gas door. The hinge is spot welded on the door, so just cut the spot welds out and remove the hinge. I used the latch system from a Cadillac gas door to hold the louvers down. So with a push of a button it released the holding force on the rear louver.
The hinge for the front hood were custom made. I couldn't find anything that would work so I made my own hinges.

Both of those designs have been superseded by a different newer design.
The rear louver has been removed and a spoiler replaces that for now.
The hood has been redesigned and a different hinge system is used so that both the canopy and hood can be opened together without one hitting the other while in the open position.

I can post pictures of the new designs if you would like to see them.


Brett Proctor

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More details on that louver hinge
Starts with post #1386