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Let's talk engine covers...


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Good options, one is very 1960s and one is more 1970s. both look good but for a choice I like the more open one, with glass. Really need to stand back and think of the finished car as to what would 'fit' the overall look best.

Personally I prefer the open style without a cover, just a lid, as on the Nova or a full lid as on the Eagle.
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Mt lottery winning car would be a 1965 Corvette split fastback.

Not that I have had a Nova/Stirling but If I did I would loose the separate rear tunnel/window, making a larger inner 'tube' and fit the rear window (larger) into the body as on the Eagle, but that's
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Nope, that's how they come. Two versions, that one which was actually made for the front engined ford version and one with louvres in for the VW version, idea being one slotted the louvres for more air but very few bothered.
Can still be made in Belgium by Poly-Creations . In fact whole Novas (Stirling) and Eagle SSs are available so I no longer get all twisted out of shape when a SS gets 'murdered' as I know a new one can still be bought.

VW version

VW boot.JPG

Thread to Euro-Nova thread

Poly-Creations Making Nova kit cars !!

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