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Is there a need? (to relocate E-brake if shifter is relocated)


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I've never seen it mentioned anywhere. I don't remember seeing it in any instructions. Maybe I missed it. But if you relocate the shifter in a VW pan, you'd have to do the E brake as well. My car came W/ a no name chromed T handle shifter. It wouldn't work without modification. I cut a notch and welded it back together to drop it down further. It still just hits the dash when going into 1st gear. Annoying, but it works. *freaking out mad*

Maybe my dash is too far back. *ah ha*


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I moved my shifter 10" back, and didn't move the e-brake. What I did do though was shorten the e-brake handle.
This is the best picture I have of the brake and shifter together. The shifter has also been shortened.

The handle lays down really close to the shifter, but doesn't interfere with its movement.


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Kind of like in Nic's, my red Sterling has a shifter that has been relocated and an E-brake that has NOT been relocated but had to be shortened. I never even noticed it until I went to install a newer E-brake handle. These photos are fuzzy because they were from my phone, but you can see the basic proportions of the original-lnght handle to the modified handle.

To Dave, yes, Nic's build is definitely one of the cleanest around. *thumbs up* He has come up with a bunch of very nice fabrications and embellishments.

Oh, here are those photos:

E-brake_length-1.jpg E-brake_length-2.jpg


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Is it just me, or are the steering wheels on nearly every interior shot of nearly every sterling off set quite a bit towards the inside of the car?


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*na-na-na* No, it's just you. But yes, it's an optical illusion from the curve of the body and the location of the dash. The steering column is in the same basic place as in a Beetle.

For Tom - since you've got the straight dash, a moved shifter would make sense. The only other style that might work is an older Hurst style; the curve starts much lower than your T style.


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Does anyone know of any electrically actuated E-brakes, or brake locks?
My cars shifter was relocated and the E-brake is missing.

I'd like to have E-brake functionality but without the handle.
and to answer my own question,...
I found this:
PBR International Limited
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