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I'm carrying on the legacy....


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My 7th grade art teacher was the guy who got me into cars: Drawing them, how they worked, general appreciation. He also introduced me to animation, model rocketry, and other geeky stuff. One of the best thing was his "Green Car". It was a Sterling Sports Car kit car. Over the course of years he has done a lot of experimentation and finessing the body shape, substituting in a 12A rotary and the usual assortment of "custom touches". I've kept in touch with him since then and recently he suggested that I should take over the Green Car.

I'm making progress. fixing, updating. Added the ability to add gas from the OUTSIDE of the car :). Very happy to continue the legacy he started!


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That's incredible. I really like the engine bay and the interior you have. May or may not pull some inspiration from those.


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Thanks for sharing. I love the backstory; That car was meant to come to you. 🙂 Very cool.

There are some interesting modifications to that thing. The dash is a great example of how to cleanly adapt to a different instrument cluster (apparently from the donor RX7) while still giving a nod to the original pod-style dash. I think that was *really* well executed.

What is behind the firewall (behind the seats?) Rotary engines are fantastically compact, and yours is rear-mount, so the cut-out probably wasn’t for the engine. Did he have an A/C condenser or something behind that? Access to the fuel cell? Just curious.

I assume the radiator is up front. I think I see some fairly modest vents towards the rear edge of the hood. Any trouble with overheating? My rotary is okay when in motion but when I’m stopped at lights the temp starts to climb.

There are some interesting modifications to the back. Looks like he added a full sixth louver to the louver panel. And the area above the tail lights isn’t stock height. I can’t tell if the builder cut a notch downwards (and lowered the rear seam a little) or built the rear corners upward a little or both. Hmmm, was he trying to clear the top of the engine? Again, just being curious. There’s a lot of neat little things going on with that car.