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How do I check my SN


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I found a chart showing the sterling years, model, and serial numbers. The chart gave you an indication of when and where the body was fabricated. I thought it was on this site but I can't seem to find it again. Does anybody know where this chart may be located or If you have a copy, share?

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Sterling GT #419


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As far as I know there was never a chart. Years ago I tracked the serial numbers from owner to owner to provide some provenance, but gave that up since it became too difficult for new owners to contact me to update the info. Sterlings were built from late in the year 1973 through early 1980-ish in 3 variants. Only the first generation ('73-77) had serial numbers, from 0100 to about 0875, with alternate serial numbers starting with "S" and "B" (and occasionally others) coming from the midwest plant. Serial numbers were never consecutive, either... many cars had the same number and more than a few didn't make it into the sales lineup because they were *ahem* destroyed by the company workers playing with the cars in the lot..

Your #419 would have been late year-ish 1974. And yours isn't a GT.. it's just the first generation version.