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hello all new Sebring owner here


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Ive wanted one for what feels like forever but never seem to be able ot get to the car before its sold. Big thanks to rickieH for his repost on this one!!

83 sebring 3500​

I was able to talk a buddy into going for the ride from Stone mountain GA to Waldorf MD over the weekend. its in the driveway now next to the corvette!

will post pic, and lots of questions soon!

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Welcome, and thank you so much for buying that. (The white one in Maryland, right?) I just was saying to Rick M. the other day that that car looks like a good staring point, and that it was conveniently located on the East coast not far from me, and that if I had ANY fewer undone projects that I would jump at that to add to the collection. The ad has been lingering there for a few weeks as a temptation. Thank you so much for giving it a good home and taking it out of play. 😀


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Thank you all! It has been a fun start, working on getting brake pressure now so i can drive it.