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Head light covers & rear louvers


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Anyone have "spare" head light covers or the rear louvers? Sent my covers to a Cimbria owner in del., or Pa. some months ago, wish I had some now. I suspect the louvers are pretty scarce now? Thanks. Rick


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Louvers are new through the company, as are headlight covers. PM Farfegnubbin, the site owner, here.


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It’s true that I can have new Sterling louvers fabricated. You have a Cimbria SS, though. What are you actually looking for? Sterling clear headlight covers won’t fit. Are you looking for the fiberglass Cimbria pop-up headlights? (I’m sorry but I don’t have those.) Are you looking for the Sterling louvers or the louvered engine cover that was original to the Cimbria SS?


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I am also in the market for some new headlight covers, my rear louvers are ok at best, so would be nice to get a price on those as well.

Is there a price list and where to order somewhere?


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No price list. We just found out from the shop about an across the board increase on fiberglass matt and resins. Hard to have a price list with Covid related increases and overall market volatility. I did talk with the owner to make sure he contacts you.