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Hawaii Registration


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Anyone on the board here a Hawaii member??

I've been trying to do some reading and understand that Hawaii has recently become a LITTLE more kit tolerant...

The biggest question I have is this - I'm going to rebody a Fiero - do they keep it registered as a Fiero, or do they assign a new VIN and treat it as a new model in current year?

I will be swapping out the 2.8 liter V6 and swapping in a 3800SC V6, so drivetrain won't be original either...

Should I leave the Fiero stock until I get there, register it with Hawaii and THEN do my modifications? Or can I safely start removing nonessential body pieces now? The reason I ask is that its a whole lot cheaper to transport ONE car than two cars (hey - dollars that could be spent on good parts, right??)



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I've got nobody as a member registered in Hawaii. From a brief inspection on this http://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/hrscurrent/Vol05_Ch0261-0319/HRS0286/HRS_0286-0026_0005.htm
it almost looks like you'll need to have the Sterling complete before you get there... it says nothing about building one while you're there, only that whatever you bring to the state needs to have all the documentation to prove it's yours. Even on their government website there is nothing for the DMV there... very weird. You may want to try to find a new car dealer and ask them what the procedure is for bringing vehicles in and tell them your situation. They may be able to point you in the right direction at least!


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Remember the military only allows 1 car to be brought over. All fluids must drained from it, and it may be required to be a fully functional car.

Might want to double check that. Some ships offer people options of moving the vehicles for you if your transferring during the deployment. That may be an option for you too.