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GT150 Wire Connectors

Brett Proctor

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These are what I used when I made my wiring harness
They come in sizes from 2 wire up to 16 wire sizes. I Think I saw them in kits with all the items that you'll need but I purchased everything separate(couldn't find all the sizes I needed in kit form). The wire to terminal are crimped so you'll need to get the proper terminal crimper.

Female housing

Male housing
I believe the housings came with the locking clip that locks the wires into the connector, but I would double check to see if the housings come with that

Terminals (Make sure you get the male and female terminals in the right gauge of wire that your using)

Wire seals and plugs if needed


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Thanks for sharing. That’s a good resource. 👍 I wish I was as far as wiring on the secret project. But alas, I’m still working on the body shell (and will be for a while.) Wiring seems far off. 🙁

Brett Proctor

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For me I wanted a clean oem professional look not a bunch of spliced in wires and after some research I found out that some of the manufactures used this style of connector.
So after finding out what the name of this style of connector was I then researched where I could get them from.
They worked out good for me.
For the smaller 22 gauge wires that I used I purchased another crimper for that gauge of wire.