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Good places to look for a pan-rolling chassi


Hi all,
Where should I look to find a good pan for my sebring? Im in GA but all the bugs I find listed on craigslist and offerup are either restored drivers or have the same bulkhead rot I have.
I dont really want to tear up a perfectly good bug.

Thanks !!!

Brett Proctor

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I haven't been following your issues with the chassis so take this for what its worth. I don't think I could find your reason or any pictures of why the chassis needs to be replaced

If your chassis is rusted out you can get just about any part of it and replace the rusted out section.
As far as finding a good rolling chassis,,,good luck
Check classifies in California, Nevada, Arizona. Thats probably your best place for finding a chassis not rusted out.

Floor Pan (aircooled.net)

Repair Panels | Classic VW Parts for Beetle, Bus, Ghia, Thing, Type 3 (socalautoparts.com)


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You can get reconditioned pans from a few sources as Brett mentioned. Acme Car Co here in PA has reconditioned chassis' available with or without suspension (I'd get the roller, personally). Fresh and with a Certificate of Origin to apply for a title with.


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Listen to Brett and letterman. I replaced both pans and the napoleons hat on mine years ago. Biggest thing is to purchase from a reliable site to ensure the thickness of the metal vs thing stuff.


Hi all and thank you for your replies!!
while i have used a welder in the past........... i was thinking i should leave auto frame welding to a professional.
the damage i found at first i thought i could tackle myself ( rot at napoleans hat and bulkhead) but when working on the brakes i realized one front wheel was well forward of the other. investigation found a previous repair with a piece of sheet steel that put the front beam off by a lot. ill get pics when i take the sebring body off.

I was able to locate a usable frame in Winston Salem NC. Auto shop had a project bug for sale. In the offer up ad he mentioned a second frame goes with the project. After some chatting he said he had to get 300 for it and i was on my way to NC the next day.

since this is now a build, i started a build thread.

Thanks all for your help!!!!!!!


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