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Fun with a Bikini Model


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I guess this qualifies as a Rock Star Moment.

After our cars and coffee get together on Sunday morning, a few of us decided to head over to the causeway and enjoy a little sunshine.

A local Website photographer / owner and one of his Bikini models ask if Walt (new owner of #114) would allow her to be photographed with his car. After much hesitation :ROFLMAO: he gave in and said yes.

I think he especially hated it when she asked if he'd take her for a ride.

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Yes, I know I have often told this story before.....
At the Northern California Kit car Club show (NCKCC) held every year in San Leandro, Ca I was asked to remove the sterling half way through the show. I didn't know why I was being ask to Leave, I had been driving for hours to get there! So they told me that while I was across the show talking to another owner, A model had Jump into my sterling with its top up, TAKEN ALL of her cloths off so that her friend could take pictures of her being naked in my sterling car! this has caused such an uproar that I must take it out of the show, but that it would be OK to bring it back the next year.... So I did, and was so pissed off because I didn't get to see any of it! :devilish::love: