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For Sale -- Remote switches for the canopy.


If any one is interested I have four button remote control units for 50.00 shipped. usually 48 hour turn arround time----
they have a range of ATLEAST 100 yards and have a on/off switch on the remote to save battery life.

Greg Hampton 209-402-9748
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remote controls

Thanks guys! sold ten of these units over the 4th of July weekend.
Greg*rock on*


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I got one, works great! love the on/off switch (no inadvertant activations)

*thumbs up*

the other one I had was for door locks and wouldn't work in sustain mode. I rigged up the trunk release button so I could at least raise the top remotely, had to use the key to lower.

finally, I can raise and lower the top remotely! yay


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Do you still have any left? How do they work and is an alarm system or anything else required. I am guessing that you hold the button and it holds the relay open until you let go. Let me know because I would like to have one. My sterling has manual top but that is he first project I plan to tackle. I will be adding Hydraulics.