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Ok - it just didn't seem fair to have this whole section of the forum devoted to tranaxles and not at least have ONE thread that was dedicated to the Fiero transaxle.

So I will work to rectify this situation, just in case anyone (ELSE that is, because I'm still working this angle!!!) is interested in trying to make a Fiero transaxle work in their build.

Here's a nice little desciption of the Fiero transaxle - basically, it came in two flavors, and the one you REALLY want is the later 5 speed Getrag


Advantage of this setup? Engine sits IN FRONT of the driveshafts, giving a better weight ratio front to rear. Abd BTW - this a TRANSVERSE setup, and the Fiero guys have been even able to get full size V8's in there...

The big DISADVANTAGES are basically two - 1.) you need to craft a chassis to support this combination, or to tie into the Fiero subframe (which isn't necessarily a bad idea, BTW); and 2.) The engine with its V6 configuration (assuming your going something GM or similar)will sit a little higher than a Subaru or VW with the horizontally opposed cylinders. This is going to affect body roll (probably negligibly) and more importantly, rear visibility - which isnt great to begin with...
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Hmm interesting. Id like to see photos of what your cooking up. Im of course goign the WRX route.
But I love wrench turning so show away.

Also, on the rear window. Ive been playin a bit with using a modified rear window from a 92 or newer MR2. So far its looking good, just needs a tad of shaving down in the height arena.