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exterior key switches


As some of you may know the key switches commonly used on the outside for an electical top are from 80's chevy Suburban tailgate window switches. they do not need a relay but it is best to cut the wires 6 or 8 inches from the switch when rmoving them. They are no longer available new so your best option is the junkyard and having a key made.


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Right. Greg must have raided his local yards and has quite a few available for sale for $40. Check the National marketplace for his phone number.
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Key switches should not be to hard to find. I bet boat supply shops will have waterproof switches that would work.


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Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser

My 1969 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser also had a tailgate switch that might work. It was my first car. I wish I still had it. I kept it for more than 30 years.

The one on my Sterling is sticking. I am wondering if it can be taken apart and cleaned?


Finding water proof keyed switches is fairly easy. Finding a momentary one with all of the relayed abilities all in it is what's hard and why the suburban was preferred.


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I am the type of person that never, ever buys something when what I have can be repaired. I took the switch off of the car and took a close look at it. There are two tiny clips that you can remove to pull out the contact portion of the switch. I wanted to take it apart further, but it wasn't obvious how to do so. With the contacts removed, I was able to squirt in penetrating oil and lubricating oil. I also washed it out with lots of water and soap. After several hours of cycling the key back and forth and repeated cycles of penetrating oil, lubricating oil and washing/rinsing, the key rotates freely and returns to center/off by itself. My original problem was that the switch would stick in both the "up" and "down" positions.

The switch itself has no markings or numbers other than a single "B".

Anyway, I am happy. On to the next project.


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