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Ecco fuel pumps by Fuel Flow


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Ok, so I still haven't got my car back from the mechanic. Part of the reason being that the mechanic can't source the faulty fuel pump. I'm somewhat annoyed by how long this is taking, so I hit the net again last night to find answers.

A little digging with Google, I find a photo of what looks to me the same pump, on someones side table. I back track the link and find its a MG forum in the UK. From a topic (where the photo was posted), I find out the Ecco range of pumps is made in NZ by a mob called Fuel Flow.


So I go looking, and find what appears to be the same pump that I need to replace. I email the site through their contact page, following up a reply with a photo of my pump in situ. That initial reply from Fuel Flow was from one of their Managing Directors within 4 hours. 24 hours later, that same Managing Director, Graham, rang me at my home phone and reassured me that the pump I found on there site was indeed the same one, if somewhat more recent, as the one in my car. He identified that fuel pump from my car as most likely from a batch in 1991.

We talked for about 30 minutes or so, and he was very professional and friendly. During my search on the net with Google, I had found a different Ecco fuel pump for sale on eBay. I included this other pump in one of my emails with Graham. He told me that this particular company (I had found their eBay shop), would also have the same pump I need. So I go back to eBay, find the seller again, find a link to their actual website, OnlineAutoParts.com.au

I send OnlineAutoParts an email, double checking they have the indicated pump in stock (after I checked their site and locating the pump, it was indicated as in stock, but I've struck that before). Two hours later I get an email back from Michael at OnlineAutoParts, indicating that they indeed do have the indicated pump in stock. So one has been ordered and should hopefully be sent off tomorrow.

What impressed me was Graham ringing me at my home phone, in what was obviously after hours. From New Zealand to Australia. Also, as it turns out, he's on a week off. I'm just a little guy. They have big bulk orders that go to Europe/UK, America, here in Australia, pretty much all over the globe other than Asia. And he took time out of his own time to help me.

Now that's service.