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Early history of the Cimbria


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All the bodies were CCC, it just depended where in the country they were made. And there were two versions of the data plates; early models had everything stamped into the body:

3.JPG (note this is the Midwest plant stamp)
Late models had the engraved plaque, many of which have been torn off or removed over the years:

There is no way of knowing if your particular car was factory built or not. I can almost guarantee that the modifications to the back were by an owner - those style brake lights weren't around in the '70's.


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The Cimbria - Sterling connection

Moving back on topic, in my other history post, I mentioned we will have a special guest logging in shortly. In the conversation we had we touched on many varied topics, one of which were the derivatives of the Sterling. It's almost common knowledge that the Sebring had been designed by one of the workers at the Midwest plant, Al Hildenbrand, after approaching Cecil and Norm about redesigning the Sterling for higher headroom, which at that point the men did not want to do. Al left the company and went on his own, starting ARX Industries (which, to be fair, pulled a fair number of car and boat bodies along with the Sebring).

The Cimbria was always a sticking point in conversations about it's evolution. Joe Palumbo to this day insists that it was his design, at least according to conversations with him by Fuzz. Warren and I had always suspected that the first Cimbria had to be based on the Sterling - the similarities were just too close.

Leap back to the mid '70's when Cecil and Norm received a call from "two guys from Chicago" about wanting a franchise there. Cecil couldn't recall their names, but follow the logical conclusion. The company agreed to offer them a distributorship and set them up with all that would be needed for that, including a couple cars. Keep in mind this was likely before the midwest plant got started (may have even been the impetus for that plant). In any case, about a year went by and Cecil got a call that "we aren't going to pay you guys royalties anymore. We're going to go out on our own."

Cecil was asked later why Sterling didn't sue for breach of contract and copywrite infringement, and he recalled simply "We weren't GM - we simply couldn't afford a lawyer to fight that."
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Does anyone have a copy of Kit Car Illustrated (I think that was the magazine) from late 80's that featured a Cimbria SS with a 454 Olds engine in it? I recall the car was a very light blue color and the builder had used a custom rectangular ladder chassis (if memory serves me correctly). The rear of the car's body would lift and tilt back, like the Ferrari F40 does. If anyone has that article, would you please scan it and e-mail it to me at fuzz148@verizon.net. I would greatly appreciate it. Does anyone know what happened to the car or know its whereabouts? Or who owned it? I hope its still out there and in one piece. I would like to find the owner and see if he could come to Carlisle. Any help would be appreciated.


I know I'm responding to an old post, but frodoze (member) bought this car late 2016.


For the record, I do have old photos/contacts of that light blue Cimbria SS, but that's not mine. Info was passed on to Fuzz. He has better access for tracking people, vehicles or what ever. ;)
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