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Comparison of Sterling vs Cimbria windshields


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I am 99% sure the Cimbria and the SS have the same screen, so pilkingtons are the only people doing them and we had the buck made and MellOrman on the EOC forum has had one fitted OK.

Details are;
Contact is called Peter Swann.
Email Address is Peter.Swann@nsg.com
Screen number;

Sterling 007

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Im taking my stock broken windshield to a local glass / windshield whse and see if they can match
it up for me, even if its larger, they can cut it down as long as it has the same curve etc.


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Let us know how that works out/what you find out. People have talked for years about cutting down a larger windshield but we’ve never seen it actually successfully done. It would be a cool option if it’s possible.

So you know, we still have a source for new windshields that are made for the Sterling. They are expensive but they are gorgeous. (And they fit.)


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For a while I was obsessed with finding a way to cut down a Sterling windshield to be used in a Cimbria or modified Sterling and/or cut down a windshield from a whole different donor to be used in a Sterling. Being able to do so would open up a lot of neat options.

I found a few good videos on YouTube similar to that one you linked to which mainly show people chopping a windshield in one dimension (using that scribe-and-fire technique,) often along one straight line or a slight curve without curved corners, etc.

I love watching those artisans work their magic. That said, even those experts said that you should plan on having two or three windshields on hand because there’s a high probability of it breaking in a funky way. And that was for those projects in only one dimension and without curved corners. (I realize that the video of that Saab windshield had curved corners but they didn’t really show how they were doing it or the result.)

I think the chance of successfully crafting a Sterling windshield from something like a big windshield from a minivan is very, very low, at least doing so by scribing and controlled-breaking.

I wish we could grind, cut, or otherwise mill them to shape.

Car windshields are a unique challenge because the glass is brittle and the safety laminate in the middle is pliable plastic. It’s difficult to cut dissimilar materials like that.

I still wonder if there is some tool or equipment out there — maybe diamond tooling with water cooling — that could be used to cut a clean border. It should exist but I certainly haven’t found it. My thinking is simple: I know that the edges of windshields for production cars can’t be perfect coming out of a hot mold and therefore there must be a tried-and-true method of trimming edges and therefore we should be able to borrow from that methodology and trim edges how we want.

But I haven’t found a way yet (and frankly have found work-arounds for the projects I was thinking about at the time.)

But getting back to those videos, that scribe-and-fire technique is fun to watch. Very clever, and they make it look simple. Don’t you love-hate people like that? 🙂