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Comparison of Sterling vs Cimbria windshields


Seriously, if I could make payments I would place an order tomorrow.
I'll bet I'm not the only one.
At least this way we would have solid orders.
And when its feasible to place an order with the manufacturer
it can be placed.
No body said a word about guilting us into it.
Whatever it takes i want a replacement glass
As we all know if our windshields get cracked our cars are worthless


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The reality is that we don't have a confirmed, perfect reproduction yet. When I hear of an update through the grape vine, I'll certainly pass on the news. I'm really excited about the thought of finally having a source for spares. I hope it materializes. *thumbs up*


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Perfect replacement glass now available

Hi guys,
I'll update here since Warren is fairly busy this month. Fuzz received his replacement glass recently and according to his joyous email, fits perfectly. The company apparently binned the employee who created the first mold (oops..) and the company owner himself took on the project to make sure it turned out correctly. It did. So.. for those who need windshields, now is the time to place your orders. You can find Fuzz's email on this site or on the National site.

What I thought was a crate full of windshields in his garage (the crate was really big!) was apparently just the first single piece of glass. Fuzz stated that it was packed incredibly well to prevent damage in transport, so take note that if you place an order and pay for the crating, your glass will be well taken care of!



glass 001.jpg

glass 005.jpg

maybe this will help your Research
the window reads as

shaded safety
(9) aa lsg asi
dot-52 m-19

just through the second on in for grins*nothing to see*


Perfect Cimbria glass

Hello everyone, it's me, Fuzz. Let me begin by making a statement first. Please don't feel obligated or feel like there is any pressure on anyone to buy a glass. I have accepted the fact that I am eating the cost and I'm moving on. When I began this costly adventure, I knew full well there was a high probability that I would never recover the cost of the mold. But I wanted a new glass because I needed one, so I made the conscious decision to fork up the money. I guess what really convinced me to do it is the fact I have been diligently and tirelessly looking for a company to make a laminated windshield for me, at a reasonable cost, and the closest I had come to it was an outfit in Ohio that wanted over $15,000 for the mold to be cast. I have their written quote; if anyone really wants to read it I will e-mail it to you.
Anyway, the first glass I received was off by a bit in the center of the top. There was a gap there and although gaps are okay (to a limit) due to the fact that the epoxy or butyl used will fill in any small gaps, I felt this one was just not close enough for the money I had dished out.
I contacted the company owner and explained my disapproval. To make a long story short, he cast the next and third mold himself and fired the employee who had cast the second mold because in the meantime he had messed up another project. He was new and obviously the company couldn't keep covering the cost of his mistakes. Just as a side note, the first mold produced a glass with some waves and they were not happy with it, so they decided on their own to build the second one, which lead to the third mold. Following me???
The bottom line is that this past Monday they shipped me a brand new windshield which was cast from the third mold. I can't emphasize enough how beautiful this glass is. It fits perfectly. PERFECTLY!!! It is without any ripples. It's simply awesome that after all these years I have an actual laminated windshield created solely for the Cimbria.
Warren came over yesterday and saw it for himself, and by the look on his face, I think he approves and does so with great enthusiasm. I also showed him the first glass and my original glass so there would not be any doubts that this is in fact the second windshield the company had shipped to me. Not that he would ever doubt me, but I just wanted another witness to testify to that fact in this forum.
So there you have it. The windshield is completed, and available for the first time in 25 years. That's a long time. Price is $1,470 plus shipping. If I was independently wealthy, I would buy 100 of them and give them away for free just to see all of you finish your cars and get them back on the road. But I am not wealthy. I am just a happy guy with a good windshield hoping others can benefit from my stubbornness. I simply refused to give up and my pocket is a lot lighter, but now we all have a solution.
Good luck and God Bless.



guys I have another bomb shell to drop.

This may or not come of anything.

After I posted on fri I found shat-r-proof , AND with the numbers i provided they acknowledged making the glass. They directed to their manufacturer (pilington or pinkerton) after a another hour and a half on the phone .
They acknowledged making the glass,
They told me they have every mold that they have ever produced.
The question they have is what condition it is in and where it is.

They said if they can locate it and if it is still usable they will produce them for us
If we can gather a order of 20 they will about 450.00 apiece NOT A FIRM PRICE.



They have four plants in the usa and one in europe that are in production now
Over the years at different times they had 6 other plants that have closed.

The other locations may have had molds as well.
That is why I need the number sequence from other windshields.
Each plant had their own coding.
so the different numbers may help us find the molds
MY windshield is from a plant that closed in the 80's

I told them about our forum and our need.
They have a division that just specializes in antique cars
I have a direct phone number to the director of that division.
He seems happy to help us.
I will post my finding as I get them


they think either one may help find them

I really hope that this not just another dead end
ps there is supposed to be another 4 digit number on the winshield but I can't find it.
if it does come from another car they said it could much cheaper.

For those of you that have done the research already and made the mold (fuzz) I hope that I am not stepping on toes. That is not my intention. I am just furthering research thats my intention.

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You found Shatt-R-Proof? That is incredible. All the research I did several years ago pointed to them having gone under in the late 80's/early 90's due to class action law suites. It is great that they are still around, especially if they can find their molds and reproduce the Cimbria windshield for as little as $450. At that price, I'd buy one more for myself from them!!! You are not stepping on my toes. Go for it and keep us posted. The BEST solution at the LEAST price is the way to go. I just wish this had been found out 8 months earlier. It might have saved me a bundle of money and a ton of headaches.



I googled shat-r-proof called all available numbers they now are a company that produces resins for glass repair. After calling all of their available numbers I got transfered to someone
who told me who produces their replacement glass.
I don't know the details but apparently there was a lawsuit in which the two companies split.
Now one produces the glass and many other products The other one is their service products. which is shat-r-proof they are installers and a resin manufacturer,
The production company is pinkerton or pelington . I will get the right name when I call back tomorrow.
The important thing is that I have the number and name of the person who can help us
Plus he is the head of the department.
What I understand is that after the lawsuit that the production company got all of the molds they closed several plants and consolidated to a handful of plants.
So now the old molds are in storage in several plants .
The problem is that they were never really categorized properly.
The weird thing is that after the lawsuit they work together , go figure

Now they have a antique car department.

And ours is now another one for their research department.

I guarantee this is not going to an overnight thing,
and I am probably building us up for a big let down,
but I am going to keep trying.

we would have to buy 20 to get into that price range, and that is an estimate.

again i need the numbers off both sterlings and cimbrias glass
they said one might help us find the other

please guys provide me the numbers off of your windshields

and again there is supposed to be another four digit number on the glass somewhere i can not find it on my glass


When I searched for Shat-R-Proof, which was several years ago, all that came up was the court documents and the law suites. In fact, I searched the internet for them at least four or five times (again, many years ago) and no website had come up for them, only the law suites. I remember even finding the court filings on them and reading them. I went as far as contacting a bankruptcy attorney and asking him for help finding a company that had gone bankrupt or had been bought out, but he could not help either. Somewhere I had read or been told Shat-R-Proof had been bought out by Detroit Glass (unknown if accurate or true) and that Detroit Glass eventually suffered a catastrophic fire and most, if not all of their molds were destroyed (again, unknown if accurate or true).
I hope this person you have found can help Very, very cool.



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windshield number

Her is the numbers from my Cimbria SS windhield: SHAT R PROOF
DOT 52

There is also a number on the top left side of my glass on the inside which must have been hand painted on before the glass was installed. It is in white paint and is as follows: either an X or a K followed by an 87 and then either a CC OR A 22. It is at the top edge of the glass over the drivers position at the area where the glass sits on the rubber seal so it is difficult to read also it is on the inside so i'm looking at it backwards from the outside to read it.


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Wow, that's a really interesting lead! As of 9 months ago, I think we could summarize with confidence that there was no manufacturer that thought they had the mold. The intriguing nuance with what you've found is that, due to consolidation of the different plants, perhaps the company has the old molds and doesn't even know it. Very interesting!

I think the single most positive development is that one of their representatives has taken an interest in it. It's amazing to me how, when somebody takes a personal interest in one of our challenges, then you really start to see some progress. It'll be cool to see if he comes up with anything.

I have two cars who's windshields I can check for serial numbers. I'll try to post them later in the week.

Good job on th investigative work, Dale!

I'm still gonna be amazed if they have or can find the mold, and I still wonder what their real pricing would be once they see the mold and realize that it's pretty freakishly big, etc. Like you said, the guy was just painting in broad strokes for now. And mathematically, it's one of those things where, if they can sell 20 for $500 a piece (and someone were to buy that pile) but only five Cimbria owners ever buy them, then they really still cost somebody $2000 a piece. It's a shame they can't do a run of like 10. I can imagine ten buyers in a perfect scenario. 20? Yipes. It would take a bunch of years to clear those out. I wish, in a way, that there were more of our cars and that the market was a little bigger so we could benefit from more "economy of scale" purchases like that.

Well...again, good investigative work. We'll see what that guy comes up with. :)

The plot thinckens. :D


Shat R Proof Corp.

the people i am working wit is pilkington north america

maybe if more people call they might take us more seriously

ask for antique car glass division.

i don't want to blow my lead so Im not going give the direct line number to the head of the department yet.

If we have to make volume calls to get it done I'll give it out latter with his name*nothing to see*

oh be prepared to get transferred a million times and disconnected a few times
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Ok Dale, I'll bite. I didn't think the Sterling windshields were marked, but my current one does have a stamp. It's from a manufacturer named "ALG", not Shat-R-Proof. The marking looks like this:

Sterling safety glass.jpg

I do know that the Nova glass (and I think the Eagle as well) was made by Pilkington in the UK back in the day. Currently someone else is doing their glass, and that's where the Sterling glass is coming from. If there is someone stateside, all the better.

If I get a chance this week I'll call out to Shat-R-Proof to see if there might be any possibility of having the Sterling molds and to keep them active on the Cimbria. You may want to email your contact there if you have an address and send them this thread link - at least they'll know they have an audience!



In March, 2010, I called Pilkington and spoke to a lady who stated they do not have the molds for the Cimbria windshield. Now I wonder if she just didn't bother checking and just gave me a BS answer to get me off the phone. It's amazing how some people take customer service seriously and how others couldn't care less about helping people.



Today I called, no forward progress though, but he was very happy to have the other set of numbers to work with.

Paaaalease if you all have other glass numbers please let me have them.

The four digit number on the inside is apparently more important

thanks guys this may be a wild goose chase but goin for it any ways:D
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letterman he was very interested in your winshield #

He also classified the cimbria with the eagle.

he said at one point cimbria/eagle windshield.

Do you think that they might be the same windshield.

The references he has found so far list sterling/nova

and cimbria/ eagle.

He said no real solid part numbers though.

At least it sounds like he is working on it
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Yes! The Cimbria and the Eagle are the same car on different continents, as are the Nova and Sterling the same, so the glass between the two sets of cars are identical (Cimbria=Eagle; Nova=Sterling). I'll look again for a four digit number when I get a chance. Never really looked close at the glass before!