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Cimbria SS manual -- Later years


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Link to a downloadable version of a Cimbria SS construction manual:


(Note: That link is to a rather large pdf file. If you make the time investment to download it, you might as well save it locally where you can get to it faster in the future.)

This particular manual seems to be from the later years of Cimbria SS production (or at least NOT from the earliest year of the SS) as it shows ALL of the variations of rear hatch, etc. The manual was in good condition and seems to be laid out quite professionally in terms of diagrams and overall formatting.

Although it was for the Cimbria SS (and not the Sterling, Sebring, etc.), it has some very usefully information for all of us on things like:

  1. Preparing a VW chassis for the body
  2. Minor modifications to the steering and suspension
  3. Very clever way to add supports to front and rear bumpers
  4. Tips for making wure you have the body aligned on the chassis as well as possible
  5. Tips for running heating and A/C lines
  6. Tips on radiator size and fitment
  7. Considerations for upholstery, wiring, dash layout, etc.
The Cimbria SS was a very well built, cleverly re-engineered car. A lot of information can be gleaned from it.