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He never sold a full rolling chassis to my knowledge. I believe it was initially mocked up with C5 Corvette parts.


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Corvette parts are the most common for stuff like that. Readily available, not very expensive and nice components.


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Here's my situation
I need a chassis, anything I find in Ont. That isn't junk is attached to a restored bug $$$. If I have to pay that kind of money. I thought I would consider a custom chassis, to get a quote I need specifics on suspension, just trying to figure it out...


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Know what you mean, over here we have lost kit cars to salvage the VW parts.
Good kit car, Nova, SS etc 4K, restored VW 10K, no contest *sigh*

Custom chassis using MG or Mazda, Toyota mid engine becoming popular.


The acme chassises are nice I almost bought one for another project but got a chassis for free. I think They make a powered steering kit. They had it mocked up last time I was there a year ago.


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Acme sells what were Berrian chassis'. They acquired those rights a few years ago. Dave didn't have much luck with Acme in terms of build quality. He initially went to them for his engines and found that, at the time, the engine builds were.... less than ideal. Things may have changed over the years.