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Chassis weight?


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Found the Sterling on eBay a while back and have been very interested since.

-How much does the body itself weigh (with glass, dash, etc.)?
-Total weight connected to a VW pan?
-How comfortable are these vehicles for larger humans? Does a 6'+ body fit with some room? I see a lot of discussion about lowered pans.

I would consider a 1.5 VW TD power plant I have on hand = mileage+power build if the tranny/space stuff could be worked out.

Thanks in advance!


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Dave would be a good one to ask since he ships them. I'll shoot him an email. Based on previous discussions, the average body with canopy and glass weighs between 600 and 800 pounds fully dressed. Installed on an average IRS Beetle chassis with battery, full gas tank, hydraulics and seats, figure roughly 1500-1600 pounds.

A 6' person can and does fit as long as you have the dropped pans. Make no mistake, it's still a tight squeeze. Installing the TDi would return incredible mileage and the ratios of a regular Beetle box should be close for the engine powerband.

I may move this topic to another location as this is an "introductory" forum - so say 'HI!'



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Nice info!
When I get my car back on the road, Ill take mine to get it weighed at the scale down the road from my house.

I referr to the room in the car as "wearing it like a shoe".;)


Anyone weigh a complete Sebring?

I haven't weighed a Sebring but I have weighed a Nova.

all weights without the driver and half a tank of gas.

1) Overall weight = 1,000 KG
2) Front axle only = 420KG
3) Rear axle only = 560KG

It's a bit heavier than I was expecting which I put down to my large 3mm mild steel floor pan drops which are very heavy.

It's an IRS chassis and Alfa Romeo 1.7cc boxer engine that has a steel block. So the radiator at the front and water would also add weight.


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As soon as mine is finished it will be going up on the scales. I'm also curious to see the ratio front to rear.