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Center Console ideas

Brett Proctor

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Rob Sterling

Hey Brett,
Anymore progress on your build. I was curious as what you used for a center console. the center tunnel is very narrow and I don't want to give up any space for the seats. I was looking at an S2000 Honda center console. The ebrake handle is off to the side. My thinking was to modify the VW handle with an offset to match into the slot in the console. It also has a separate glove box that fits between the seats. Your thoughts.

There is only one center console that I found that would bolt into place in the sterling with no modifications needed.
That came out of a 2003 ford focus
2003 ford focus1.jpg

Not much to it but by straighting out the mounting bracket it will bolt to the top of the center tunnel. then Just add some rivet nuts and bolt it in place.

Anything else will take some fabrication and imagination to install but there are center consoles out there that are narrow enough to work.
If you do a search for center consoles under my name you will see numerous postings of what I came up with

93-99 VW Jetta came with a narrow console that has possibilities (got these pictures off of the internet)
VW 93-99 Jetta Golf console.jpg

Saab 9-3
Saab 9-3 console.jpg

Combination of the Saab console with a Jetta front section
Saab with Jetta console.JPG

Just let your imagination run wild.
I also found a center console out of a Saturn that had an adjustable arm rest. When searching you should find a picture of that.
With most of these you can keep the oem location of the ebrake handle so that will be one less head Ack of figuring out how to relocate it.

Brett Proctor

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Saturn console with adjustable arm rest and Mitsubishi eclipse brake lever. Arm rest slides forward.
Sorry can't remember year or model the console came out of. probably around 1990's or early 2000's I may have posted it in my build if you want to search for it.

This took some fabrication and then made a mold to get what you see.
Eclipse lever installed.jpg