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Carlisle 2015


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Thanks for the photos!

I woke up not feeling so well yesterday, likely from a lot of long work days and figured it was better to have at least one day that I could sleep in until 7:30am! So sorry I didn't make it, but thankfully we have the same taste in "weird and interesting" cars and I know you snapped them all.


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Yeah, I talked with him earlier in the week. He's burned out from the show like most of us who have been going to it for the past 10 or 12 years, so he decided to skip going this year. Truthfully, I think he's tired of the whole venture, hence his listing to sell the company.


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Welll done to the two who did make the effort, keep the flag flying.

We had a zero turnout of SSs but three Eagle RVs (Jeep CJ6) turned up but the Nova guys (and a Purvis Eureka) did a great show.

My opposite number on Euro-Nova, Bobbybrown turned up on a breakdown truck with the Ex-Steve McHugh Nova and we techie types descended on it to find the cause of its demise, soon became evident that the connection to the starter and solenoid were in a very bad way and Alex dived in and sorted it out while I checked the battery, power cable, feed, earth etc, the engine was then roughly timed up and the rain sodden air cleaners discarded for the time being and Dan went off home at the end of the day in a much improved car. I was iching to get stuck in but the Nova guys were doing a 'Stirling' job I left them to it.

Nova Eeruka line up with with the Club Nova tent/food hall on the left.

Conference time, Dan, (Bobbybrown), Me and Alex (the fixer) watched by member of Club Nova.

Dan's Nova, probably the most radical Nova/Stirling around. (eagle Owners Club flag flying in the background).