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Carlisle 2014


To those of you who came to Carlisle, thank you and it was great seeing you again or meeting you in person for the first time. For those of you who couldn't make it, sorry you missed such a good show. There were some really cool kits there this year, and several really cool racer cars out in the field. I know I am biased, but I think the Sterling Club had a real nice showing. We got a ton of nice compliments from people walking the grounds. It's always nice to see people stare at amazement at the canopy openings of the Sterling cars.
Anyway, I won't say anything more because I am sure Rick is going to provide us with a nice write-up of the weekend accompanied with photos. Right Rick? :D I just wanted to thank everyone who was there in person and in spirit.
Hope to see EVERYONE on this forum at Carlisle next year.
Take care,


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:D Well... I'll do what I can. I was pretty hoarse from talking all day Saturday (and probably a little from the low 40's camping weather Friday night... didn't bring enough blankets!). I certainly did not see all there was to see over the weekend, but I'll try to hit the highlights..

Friday, of course, started as a washout. The NWS had announced that the local creeks and rivers were going to crest at 9.1' - a full 3' or so above flood stage. The fairgrounds itself isn't really located near any of those creeks or rivers, but getting there was another issue. The PA turnpike crosses over several rivers and larger creeks and it was an impressive look-see. The rain did cause issues driving of course:

that little beauty caused a 3 mile backup by the time I reached that point.

So, commentary aside, here are some photos from the weekend!

Those are only a few of the photos snapped this past weekend. Thanks to Brian (RangerBEH) for the group shots. I had pulled a couple, but his were better *thumbs up*.


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THANK YOU!!! Totally awesome. Dang?!? Now the wife will wonder why the roof/windows/carpet tear out & the repaint ain't getting done??? I just "gotta" work my SS. Do they make dog houses w/ac?Rick


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Thought that looked familiar. I had seen the start of the build but never kept up with it. He wasn't there long, just on Saturday, and I didn't get a chance to see it up close. The carbon fiber wrap did fool people though. I heard more than a few people say 'did you see that carbon fiber buggy'??


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Hi to Ken. I have a bandaid for him.

Bwahaha. Very funny, Bob. I almost touched a car this weekend, but decided against it. Spent most of my time in the middle of the isles as far away from car fenders as possible. Sorry you were unable to attend. Saturday was a beautiful day for a car show. The friends that were able to attend were awesome. And the cars were amazing as always. Hopefully, next year will bring some of our projects to attendance.


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That buggy build is awesome, the guy has some real skills and of course the equipment, facilities and cash to do it. I know a lot of projects get started with something like that in mind but they soon realise they are way out of their league and another "unfinished project" hits the 'for sale' pages on the internet but having said that there are some fab' builds going on that I am sure, will hit the road very soon.
I'm hoping my carbon fibre efforts are half as good, I'm only doing the trunk lid, hood, mirrors, inner door returns and door latches and cups but still a tricky job for a first timer at wrapping. Rapping I'm OK with, "Gotta see my machine, kinda long, swoopy and really mean, like to pose with cars in rows 'cause everyone knows it's the sickest, the slickest, totally wicked,,,, ". Ok, enough already, *rock on*
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Hope you guys that side of the pond have a chance to see some of this years photos from our 'Carlisle', Stoneleigh. Super line up of Novas and a couple of Eagles, Stoneleigh KitCar Show - Sunday May 4th & Monday May 5th 2014 (May Bank Holiday)

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