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Carlisle 2013


A very Special Add on to 40th sterling Rememberance

Just thought I better give you guys advance notice!*rock on*
Come HELL or High water I will be @ your show with ATLEAST ONE sterling which I will drive from Eugene Or. for sure ..... and I hope to ship or haul any number of the eleven others I currently have.*hi-ya*

*hee-hee-hee*I haven't been nicked named "Miricle man" and "The sterling hoarder" for nothing! If for no other reason to finally meet those who were so great during my recovery last year! So Yes I am hoping for a farthest distance traveled throphy!

The other update is......

There is now a car show to be held in Lowell, Oregon (Hell, it takes over the city of 1011 people!) where I showed a couple of cars last year, and am now helping with this years events, along with support from the goodtimes Vw. club... Good Times VW Club - Members Cars , and several of the vendors of the local areas. I hate to admit this.... but with it being only one block from my house and a garage full of sterlings, how could I not go? I sure hope you guys come, or promote this event! *nothing to see*



2011-04-09 13.17.50.jpg

I am positive that all the sterlings I have will be there for sure.... It is a three day event with live bands, good food, craft and hobby booths galore, but the show itself is on Sat. only. and did I mention just a few block from 2 lakes? It is 20 miles from the Eugene airport, 12 miles from Interstate I-5 and 1 1/2 from the Portland airport. (PDX)


JULY 27th, 2013


Hope to see some of you here too!

Greg Hampton 209-402-9748
396 E. 1st Street
Lowell, Or. 97452


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:D Greg, if you can drive one of the cars across country and back, I'll personally make up a trophy just for that! Good to see you back on the boards!


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Greg's post got me thinking a little, and that's definitely a dangerous thing. Depending on how many folks show with their cars, would you (the attendees with cars) like to have some sort of judging just for our group? Nothing serious, maybe like Greg suggested longest distance traveled (but car must have been driven and documented), best interior, best paint, most original, best actuator setup (which would work both for Cimbria and Sterling/Sebrings), categories like that. Judging would be from club and board members only (and face it - if you're on the boards here and on Euro-Nova, you're automatically in the club) since Carlisle does not do general judging on the show field. Besides, it would be more fun anyway, but we would need a decent group of people to show.

Any thoughts, anyone?


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Any of the hotels are within five or six miles (or closer) to the fairgrounds. Google the info and book now as they'll fill up fast. Stick with the known brands - Hampton Inn, Best Western, etc. Some of the smaller hotels are pretty seedy. Definitely stay away from the Motel 8! Typically I'll camp in the trailer I bring the car in, but I don't know what my plan is this year...


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Well, Fridays are typically when the vendors and the show cars start appearing. The fields are rarely full, but you'll get to spend quality time with the vendors and cars that are there without the pressure of the Saturday crowds. Saturdays are the mainstay of the show, by Sunday the vendors and 70% of the show fields have left by noon. It's worse if the weather isn't cooperating - if it's raining Saturday, Sunday will be deserted.