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Carlisle 2012


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:D Yes Steve, sorry about that, I didn't forget about you. I tore off your exhaust tips after all.. So, thanks to Steve for showing up and hanging for part of the day and having lunch with us!

Pog, the V2000 isn't in the marketplace as it wasn't "officially" for sale. The owner contacted myself and Warren to see what he should do with it, and truth be told, we're not sure. It is a complete wreck - it's been sitting outside without a cover for years, the interior is torn out and the motor is in pieces. A new motor can't be fitted without cutting the car apart since when the OE motor was installed, it was installed on a subframe which was then welded to the main frame.
Worst part is that it has no paperwork, so just getting it across the border would be an ordeal in itself, nevermind trying to register it in the US. The guy is still asking his full original purchase price of $7500, which is exactly $7000 too much for the car in it's current condition. But if you're interested, I'll get his info and pass it along!



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Thanks for posting the pics Rick. I'm sorry I couldn't make. Last minute family issue. Please keep us updated on that Viper. No way could I afford it but the story is interesting to say the least


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:) No worries. Family comes first as always. There won't be anything more to report on the Viper unless it moves somewhere else, which it probably won't. If I hear of anything, I'll put it in the 'for sale' section.